Contribute Now to Show Rep. Hank Johnson We Have His Back

by Spedwybabs

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Where to begin? How about the fact that 2 weeks ago Rep. Johnson spearheaded a call for investigations into Chamberleaks.

Or how about today when Rep. Johnson questioned DOD Counsel J. Johnson regarding the treatment of Bradley Manning?

Or how about that yesterday Rep. Johnson introduced a bill to make it illegal to discriminate against unemployed people in hiring practices?

Quite simply...Rep. Hank Johnson is in DC working hard for us, now we need to show him we have his back.

Can you donate just $5 or $10 to his re-election campaign to show him we appreciate what he's doing on behalf of all of us? Can you help us raise $1000 in the next 24 hours?

And if you have a little extra to spare, how about a few $ for the Congressional Progressive Caucus PAC to help bring more Hank Johnson's to work for us in DC?

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