Contribute Now to Replace Cheating Duvall with a Decent Guy

by Shocked Voter

Amazing news today for the 72nd Assembly District in California. It turns out the Assembly member, Michael Duvall, member of the Energy committee was sleeping with energy lobbyists. And then bragging about it.

I'm not sure what's more amazing: his egotisical bragging about getting a younger girl or the fact that the guy he was talking to wanted nothing to do with him. He didn't say a word.

It's time we give the people in the 72nd District a decent elected official. John MacMurray almost won in 2008. Let's give him a chance in 2010.

Show these "family values" Republicans what the grassroots Democrats can do. Donate today, even $5. Thank you!

Image of John MacMurray

John MacMurray