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by Barbara Boxer

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It's down to 3 states. The Republicans have drawn their line in the sand and are making their last stand in 3 "firewall" states, Tennessee, Missouri, and Virginia, to desperately try to hold on to their narrow Senate majority. They have admitted pulling money out of other states where they are trailing badly to try to build a firewall around these three seats. This Republican firewall is the only thing left standing between us and a Democratic Senate -- and we've got just days left to break through.

Please support Harold Ford, Claire McCaskill, and Jim Webb today -- and help them break through the Republican firewall!

Image of Claire McCaskill

Claire McCaskill


Claire tells me that her TV ad spending is also "hand to mouth," so she, too, is counting on fundraising over these last few weeks to keep pace with the vast infusion of right-wing money that is coming in against her. And when she says "keep pace" she doesn't mean dollar for dollar. She has been vastly outspent, but as long as she can match them one dollar for three of their dollars, she can hold on.

Image of James Webb

James Webb


Jim has run an amazing grassroots-powered campaign, roaring back from being 14 points down to now running neck-and-neck with George Allen. Jim will not allow Allen and his right-wing pals to "swiftboat" him as he expresses his strong opposition to the war in Iraq. Jim Webb is a smart, experienced leader and would be an incredible addition to the Senate.

Image of Harold Ford, Jr.

Harold Ford, Jr.


If Congressman Ford wins this race, America will celebrate indeed. Not only will we have a new young star in the Senate, but Harold will be the first African American elected to the Senate from the South since Reconstruction. I spoke to Harold earlier this week, and he wants you to know he is working his heart out and that his TV buy literally depends on what we raise for him.

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Barbara Boxer's PAC for a Change

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