Contribute Now to Rick's No on 8 Page

by Rev. Rick Mitchell


Dear Friends and Family,

I've never asked you directly to donate to a cause before, but this is a momentous time, and the need is URGENT to raise an additional 3 million dollars to continue and expand TV advertising to help defeat the radically discriminatory Prop 8 in California.

As you may know, this proposition is sponsored and pushed by fundamentalist. right wing relifious groups who want to eliminate the right of homosexuals to marry. This is even worse than Anita Bryant's campaign years ago, and they must be stopped. The basis of the California Supreme Court decision which struck down the anti-gay laws prohibiting marriage was that such laws violated the constitutional safeguards guaranteeing equal protection under the law -- a basic "Bill of Rights" provision of both the California state and U.S. federal constitutions.

So, the right wing groups, who would impose a totalitarian "theocracy" on citizens, are actually proposing to strip the state constitution of this most basic human right and traditional American freedom. They must be stopped!

The fight has become very close, heated, and ugly, as proponents of this dangerous and unprecedented proposition escalate their attacks on those of us who're fighting to maintain traditional individual liberties. We believe that every person has the right to decide who they will marry and not have that decision dictated by any church or religious group.

As an ordained minister and married father of two adult children (who both support the battle against Prop 8), I believe all people should be able to marry the person they love. I also agree with Jesus that there is no higher law than the law of love.

If you agree that the state should not be made to discriminate against anyone -- please help in fighting this takeover attempt of the Constitution by right wing religious adherents.

Information on how you can participate by making an online donation is given below.

Thank you for your support and for your concern to protect constitutional freedoms.

-- Rev. Rick Mitchell

Equality for All