Contribute Now to Peanut Butter & Jelly Challenge

by Kyle Taylor


I’m 23 years old, uninsured, work for a non-profit, and needless to say, I‘m on a tight budget. Despite those obstacles I have just sent a very hard earned $50 to two endangered Democrats who voted for health care reform this past Saturday. As someone who has a personal stake in seeing health care reform pass, I think it is absolutely imperative that we let Democrats in the Senate know that there are advantages to doing the right thing.

In addition to my $50 donation, and in what I’m calling “The Peanut Butter and Jelly Challenge“, I am pledging to forgo my food and entertainment budget for one week if you can help me raise another $5,000 for these candidates. Last week I spent $162 going out with my friends, ordering pizzas, and indulging in a Saturday latte. This week I am willing to eat nothing but peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and send $162 to two endangered Democrats who supported us on health care reform. Please help me make my goal by pledging your own donation.

Image of Tom Perriello

Tom Perriello


Tom is one of my favorite new members of Congress. He is extremely smart and despite being from a conservative Southern Viriginia district he has consistently taken the more progressive stance on the big isssues. Congressman Perriello was with us on the stimulus bill, he was with on energy legislation, and he voted "yes" on health care reform. Congressman Perriello has been called a top target by the NRCC and only beat Republican incumbent Virgil Goode by 727 votes in 2008. Tom is definitely going to need our help in his reelection efforts.

Image of Chris Carney

Chris Carney


Sophmore Chris Carney, according to Cook Political Report, represents the most Republican district held by a supporter of health care reform. In this R+8 district, Congressman Carney is sure to be a top target in the 2010 elections. We should send him a message that by standing with progressives, we have got his back!

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