Contribute Now to Donate Now so Rick Won't Ask for More Money

by Rick Jacobs


I founded Courage Campaign here in California to unite progressives--the netroots and grassroots--online because what happens in California affects the nation. As a case in point, we are today fighting the right wing led, by former Reagan/Bush advisor Ed Rollins, as he tries to revive a dirty trick that we had nearly killed three weeks ago.

Put simply, the right wing wants to put an initiative on the ballot that would steal twenty Electoral College votes. They are trying to qualify the initiative right now and we are trying to stop them. The mechanics: if they get this on the ballot for June 2008, it has a decent chance of passing and we'll have to spend a fortune stopping them.

Will you make a donation today? Courage Campaign is here for the long haul. We are building the online infrastructure to defeat right wing moves such as this or the attempt by Blackwater to open a huge mercenary training facility in East San Diego County.

We are also FOR things, such as universal healthcare. We work outside the system to push our politicians to take action or to give them cover to do more. Your contribution joins thousands of others . We are beholden only to you, not to any politician or special interest.

This is very personal to me. I spend a considerable amount of my time (and have put in over six figures myself) on Courage Campaign. Learn more about the dirty tricks initiative at . And watch Bradley Whitford below. In a minute, you'll know the whole story!

I am passionate about Courage and our mission. Will you help?


Courage Campaign Issues Committee