Contribute Now to Ruth Moss Society

by Hancock County Democratic Committee


Your donation to the Ruth Moss Society supports the ongoing work of our County Committee. Help us keep our County party strong with a one-time or recurring donation. (For recurring donations, enter the monthly amount. You will be asked whether this is a one-time or monthly donation on the next page.)

Suggested Levels: Patron- $500 or $50 month Sponsor- $300 or $30 month Sustaining Member- $200 or $20 month (Sustaining Members, Sponsors, and Patrons receive four complimentary tickets to Ruth Moss Night in Spring '09) Supporter- $100 or $10 month (Supporters receive 2 complimentary tickets to Ruth Moss Night) Member- $50 or $5 month (Members receive 1 complimentary ticket to Ruth Moss Night)

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