Contribute Now to Roadblock Republicans

by John Kerry


Americans voted for change last year, and we continue to demand a new course in Iraq, in health care policy, in energy policy, and a host of other areas. We demand a new direction in this country.

Now a small caucus of "Roadblock Republicans" stand in the way of the Congress enacting the will of the people. They won't face election until 2008, but we can start to work for change now. Lives are at stake, and we can't waste time waiting around.

The Republicans have a strategy of obstruction, and we're determined to expose that strategy, fight against it, and use their blocking against them and elect more Democrats in 2008. That way we can get this country moving in a new direction.

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Campaign For Our Country

This is our PAC, dedicated to pushing for a new direction and a more progressive future in this country. Funds contributed here will go toward funding more efforts to hold the GOP accountable for their actions in Iraq, on the environment, and toward our nation's veterans.