Contribute Now to Help Make Sure We Can Get Married

by Jessica Robinson & Carrie Baum


Dear friends and family,

As you all know, Carrie and I plan to get married next summer. That's one of the many reasons that we're terrified by Proposition 8.

If it passes, Proposition 8 will permanently take away our right to marry legally-- it's a huge step backwards for our civil rights.

The polls are frighteningly close, and the proponents of this measure have raised a huge amount of money-- mostly from out-of-state religious groups.

We wish this didn't come down to money, but the truth is-- it does. They've got misleading television ads saturating the state right now. The No on 8 Campaign needs money to fight back with ads that tell the truth about Prop 8.

We have committed our own money to the campaign, and you can donate through this site. If you can't afford to donate, I urge you to join a call center-- we'll be doing some phone banking over the weekend.

Thanks so much, Jessica & Carrie

Equality for All