Contribute Now to Rob Miller for Congress

by Jim


Two reasons to support Rob Miller for Congress:

  1. Rob Miller
  2. Joe Wilson

First and foremost, Rob Miller is a great candidate. He’s progressive and pragmatic, and is exactly the kind of person that can close the partisan gap. His major platforms include ethics reform of Congress, providing relief and incentives for small businesses to create jobs, and investing in education. You can read more here

Secondly, the seat is currently held by Joe “You Lie!” Wilson. Yes, the same Joe Wilson that yelled “You Lie!” at the President last year. And the same Joe Wilson that advocates the “destruction” of the Department of Education, a reduction in the Department of Energy and the repeal of health care reform law. He also is a fervent supporter of Arizona’s immigration law. Need I say more?

Congress needs leaders that can reach across the aisle to foster a civil, constructive debate on vital legislation. It is time for a leader who will fight for our veterans, build our economy, and improve our education system. And Rob Miller is that person for South Carolina's 2nd District!

In 2008, South Carolinians heard Rob's message. He got more than 46% of the vote, with very little funding and entering the race late (he retired from the Marines only months before). Now he's running for Congress again in 2010 -- and he needs our help! Please take this opportunity to donate to Rob today.

Image of Rob Miller

Rob Miller