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by Roger Freedman

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These are candidates who I've recommended to you previously, as well as a few more. All are in races that are winnable.
Now is not the time to hold back. We need to donate as much as we possibly can - we don't want to wake up on November 5th and say "If I had only done a little more..."
So please give generously!

Image of Barack Obama

Barack Obama


Barack Obama is poised to make history and win the Presidency --- but it's crucial to get out the vote, and getting out the vote takes money. Your contribution can help make it happen!

Equality for All

Equality for All is leading the effort to defeat California Proposition 8 --- --- a hateful anti-gay initiative that would would eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry.
If this amendment passes, the cause of marriage equality will be set back decades. There's a reason the Mormon Church and wingnut "family values" groups are investing everything they can into this thing -- if they stop gay marriage in California, they halt all the momentum gained in the past few years. You can thwart these homophobic hatemongers by contributing to Equality for All!

Image of Mark Begich

Mark Begich


Anchorage's Democratic mayor Mark Begich is running to replace recently convicted Republican Senator Ted Stevens. The two had been neck-and-neck in the polls; the guilty verdict will cripple Stevens and help Begich.

Image of Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett


A progressive Congressional candidate worthy of your support, running to turn the Allentown area blue! She has called for a $100 billion investment in renewable energy to help end our dependence on Middle East oil and create millions of new green energy jobs.

Image of Darcy Burner

Darcy Burner


Darcy Burner, who's running in Washington's 8th congressional district, has been the target of a smear campaign by the local media. Her opponent, Republican incumbent David Reichert, has received an illegal $500,000 loan from his media buyer to saturate the airwaves with anti-Burner attack ads. Despite all this, Darcy has taken a small lead in the race! This one is winnable with our help.

Image of Bill Foster

Bill Foster


Bill Foster is a successful high-energy physicist and businessman who represents Illinois's 14th congressional district. He won a March 2008 special election to replace former Republican Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, but now has to run again to retain his seat.
To help him run an efficient and effective "get out the vote" program, he can use your help to get the needed resources. Please contribute!

Image of Al Franken

Al Franken


Progressive author, comedian, and all-around intelligent guy Al Franken is running to replace Republican Norm "Bushboy" Coleman (so named for his slavish devotion to George W. Bush's policies). The two are running neck-and-neck, despite some truly slimy attack ads run against Al by the Coleman campaign. A few more ads in the final days of the campaign will help tip undecided voters to choose Al, and you can help!

Image of Chris Gregoire

Chris Gregoire


Christine Gregoire is the progressive incumbent governor of Washington. She's facing a tough challenge from the über-conservative Dino Rossi, whose campaign coffers are flushed with support from special interest groups. Gregoire has pushed through climate-change legislation, added tens of thousands of kids to the state's children's health-insurance program, increased the state housing trust fund by $50 million, and has consistently signed Democratic-agenda legislation that her opponent would have vetoed. By contrast, Rossi opposes funding for women's health care so much that he once compared a requirement that pharmacies dispense emergency contraception to making stores carry "my favorite brand of sport drink." Rossi has promised to veto a gay-marriage bill. And Rossi has the backing of the powerful Building Industry Association of Washington—a sleazy PAC whose primary mission is to fight progressive legislation and push an anticonsumer, antienvironmental agenda.

Image of Kay Hagan

Kay Hagan


Kay Hagan is running for Senate in North Carolina against incumbent Republican Elizabeth Dole, who had not lived in North Carolina for over 40 years prior to her election as senator in 2002. Dole has voted with President Bush 92% of the time, and in 6 years on the Senate banking committee she has failed to ask a single question about anything. (How's that banking thing working out? Oh, yeah...)

Hannah-Beth Jackson


Hannah-Beth Jackson is an experienced California legislator running for State Senate. Her opponent, Tony Strickland, is a right-wing operative who describes himself as an alternative energy businessman... but who's voted against every alternative energy bill he's ever seen.

Image of Larry Kissell

Larry Kissell


Larry Kissell has a good shot at winning the seat for North Carolina's 8th district. The Republican incumbent, Robin Hayes, recently made the outrageous statement that "liberals hate real Americans who work and achieve and believe in God." Kissell came within about 300 votes of defeating Hayes in 2006, and should be able to defeat Hayes this time --- with our help.

Image of Larry LaRocco

Larry LaRocco


Larry LaRocco is a Democrat running for an open Senate seat in deep-red Idaho (the seat vacated by the infamous Larry "Wide Stance" Craig, caught soliciting in a Minneapolis men's room) and the good news is that he's doing remarkably well. A recent poll showed Republican Jim Risch at 45%, Larry LaRocco at 33%, and 16% undecided. Why is that good news? Well, first of all, for any Idaho Republican known as well as Jim Risch to be running below 50% is a huge red flag. Second, the poll was conducted before the latest debate where Larry dominated Jim Risch and before his latest hard-hitting TV ads hit the airwaves, so the race has undoubtedly narrowed further. You can help seal the deal for LaRocco!

Image of Nick Leibham

Nick Leibham


Nick Leibham has a good shot at winning the seat for California's 50th district (former seat of the infamous Randy "Duke" Cunningham, now in prison for bribery). His opponent, Brian Bilbray, is very vulnerable.

Image of Bob Lord

Bob Lord


Bob Lord is running for Congress in Arizona's 3rd district (in the northern suburbs of Phoenix). Currently it's held by one of the conservative movement's leading lights, John Shadegg. Shadegg is the guy conservative bloggers and publications endorsed for House Minority leader last year, and the guy who helped orchestrate the "drill, baby, drill" theatrics in the empty House chamber a few months ago, while Congress was in recess. If you want to decapitate the Republican leadership, Shadegg is our best target in the House.

Image of Bruce Lunsford

Bruce Lunsford


Bruce Lunsford is running for Senate in Kentucky against Republican Mitch McConnell, the current Senate Minority Leader. Bruce has served various roles in the Kentucky Democratic Party including Party treasurer, Deputy Development Secretary, and Head of Commerce. The most recent polls show Bruce very close behind McConnell in the polls (42% Lunsford, 46% McConnell). Lunsford has gained nine points in the last month, so he has momentum, while McConnell is well below the magical 50 percent mark (a very poor performance for a four-term incumbent).

Image of Ashwin Madia

Ashwin Madia


Ashwin Madia is a Democrat running for an open seat in Minnesota's 3rd congressional district. He's an attorney, Marine, and Iraq War veteran who worked with U.S. military and civilian officials, European Union and United Nations representatives, and Iraqi judicial officers on the Integrated Rule-of-Law Mission. He also briefed top U.S. generals on the status of rule of law efforts in the country.
In the last week of the campaign, the National Republican Congressional Committee began running ads with altered photos of Madia, in order to - what else? - darken up his Indian-American face.
You can help combat this vile race-baiting with a contribution!

Image of Jim Martin

Jim Martin


Jim Martin is in a dead heat with incumbent Republican Saxby Chambliss in the race for senator from Georgia. Chambliss ran a dishonorable campaign in 2002 when he compared war hero and incumbent Democratic Senator Max Cleland to Osama bin Laden in a TV ad. Even John McCain called the ad "reprehensible." Just a few days ago, Chambliss launched two new attack ads against Jim, so we know he's not going to go down without a fight.... but you can help.

Image of Eric Massa

Eric Massa


Eric Massa, a progressive Democrat and 24-year Navy veteran, is very close to becoming the representative for New York's 29th congressional district. His opponent, Republican Randy Kuhl, is another right-wing Republican who tries to label Democrats as unpatriotic, and claims that Democrats in Congress want people to suffer in order to improve their party's political fortunes.

Image of Elwyn Tinklenberg

Elwyn Tinklenberg


Elwyn Tinklenberg is running to replace Michele Bachmann as the representative of Minnesota's 6th congressional district. Bachmann is infamous for stating on Chris Matthews' show on MSNBC that "I wish the American media would take a great look at the views of the people in Congress and find out, are they pro-America or anti-America?" Let's toss out this modern-day Joe McCarthy and replace her with El Tinklenberg!

Image of Gary Trauner

Gary Trauner


Gary Trauner is running for the at-large Congressional seat for Wyoming (Dick Cheney's old seat in Congress!). Gary lost this seat by under 1,000 votes in 2006--that's one vote per precinct. Since last June, the polls have shown Gary with a tiny lead over or tied with Republican Cynthia Lummis.

This is an open seat (incumbent Republican Barbara Cubin is retiring) and eminently winnable --- and it would be so nice to wrest Dick Cheney's old office away from the GOP!

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