Contribute Now to Ron and Dan: No on Proposition 8

by Dan Greening


As you know, California has a constitutional amendment on the ballot to invalidate gay marriage, called Proposition 8. If you will indulge me, I'd like to give you some reasons to vote against it, and if you are inclined, some reasons for contributing to the opposition (and you really have to do it in the next couple of days to have an effect).

Ron Lussier and I met on October 10, 1987. Ron asked me to marry him in 1993. I said "Yes, when it's legally recognized."

We were married September 25, 2004 in Massachusetts. Our engagement had lasted 11 years: what straight couple do you know that endured this? We had been together 17 years. Imagine being together with your partner for 17 years, wondering whether the state you are visiting will allow you to visit him or her in the hospital, because it doesn't recognize your relationship.

Younger people may view this concern as theoretical, but I recently did have a life-threatening illness which put me in the hospital. As recently as 2006, I had a permanent job in the state of Utah, where Ron would be banned from visiting me in the hospital without a blood relative's permission. My immediate blood relatives are not exactly our strongest supporters. Life is scary.

On June 15, 2008, our marriage became recognized in our home state of California, due to a California supreme court decision. We've been together 21 years, and now, in the place we live, our marriage is recognized.

Of course, no one should have to live with this uncertainty and instability. We shouldn't have to worry about whether we can take care of each other, whether the assets we share will be transferred to a surviving partner, whether our insurance will cover both of us, whether we will get the same tax savings straight couples get if one of us cannot work.

Two people who want to marry, whether gay or straight, should be allowed to do so. There are many advantages for society: stable couples are more productive, healthier, and happier. They provide more nurturing homes for children, and yes, some of us do have children.

Since June 15, 2008, these friends of ours have gotten married: Brian and Doug, Rob and Eric, Peter and Denis, and Linda and Janet, Phil and Don. Andy and Patrick are getting married in Canada. In the next few days, Robert and Kip, and Peter and Brent are planning to get married. Many are doing it now because they are afraid they won't be able to get married after election day.

Isn't it unfair that we have all had to wait so long, that crazed religious zealots should be able to interfere with the happiness of so many productive, honest people? All of these people I have ticked off have been together for years, most for over a decade.

Would you help us defeat Proposition 8, the anti-gay marriage bill in California? We need this money now, in the next couple of days, to pay for advertising. The proposition is on the fence: polls indicate it will be neck-and-neck on November 2. The Mormon church has pumped in $9M to pass Proposition 8, and we have no major donors like that on our side.

If you would like to make a difference to help defeat this proposition, you actually have to make a donation in the next day or two. Donate by October 21, and your donation will be thoughtfully deployed; but October 28 provides too little time, because then the election is only 1 week away.

If you're going to donate, do it now. We can defeat Prop 8; it's very exciting that California could be the first state in the nation where a ballot initiative banning gay marriage was defeated. But we probably could use your help. Please help.

Thank you.

The ballot description for Proposition 8 makes it perfectly clear. Prop 8 "eliminates the right of same sex couples to marry."

No On Prop 8, Equality For All is the coalition that is leading the fight to defeat Prop 8 and defend the fundamental right to marry for all Californians. Help me help them. Contribute to my fundraising page today!

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