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by Ruffian706


If you are unfamiliar with Prop 8, which eliminates equal rights for same-sex couples in California, see below. We need to DEFEAT Prop 8 to maintain equality.

The word "marriage" is a hotbutton topic, so I stress that this is about legal, civil rights. Full civil marriage rights do not force any religion to perform or bless a ceremony that goes against their beliefs. This is NOT about religious marriage. This is about real-world rights: benefits, visitation rights, inheritance rights, etc.

This election is going to be stomach-clenchingly close. Yes, it's California, but the polls flip-flop every time either side comes out with a new commercial. We are behind in the latest polls and we must be able to respond.

I'm new here on the left coast, so my personal pitch is mostly to non-Californians. Why? This election is important nationwide. If we can't keep equal rights in crazy California, what chance do other states have? A loss here would be devastating. If we can't keep equal rights this year in Cali, it's not outlandish to say that it may not happen in the rest of the US in our lifetimes.

The Yes side knows that this state election will have ramifications across the country, and they are pulling in resources nationwide to get this proposition passed. Proof? Through an organized church-based plea, members of the Mormon Church from across the country have provided roughly one third of the funding supporting Proposition 8.

So please, for your sake (if you are GLBTQ), and for the sakes of your queer family members and friends, find a few dollars to spare.

Finally, spread the word. If you know folks in Cali, please urge them to get out and vote NO on Proposition 8, and keep the full equal rights that currently exist in California. All the supporters in the world won't help us if they don't actually go vote.

Note: This is a 3rd-party donation management site; I do not believe they take a cut of donations. If you prefer to donate directly to No on 8, you can do so at, but note that I believe the payment processor here takes a 10% cut.

California Prop 8 Primer:

California is currently one of two states where same-sex couples and heterosexual couples have full equal marriage rights. This is thanks to a California State Supreme Court ruling that the state constitution does not permit any legal discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, including the issuance of marriage licenses and the rights that accompany them. In response, anti-gay-rights groups have put a proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot for November's election. This amendment, Prop 8, would ban gay marriage at the constitutional level, leaving zero recourse for same-sex couples to pursue equal marriage rights. All that is needed to put this amendment in place is a simple majority in this one single election.

Equality for All

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