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by the ActBlue Team


The Republican Party took back the House of Representatives in 2010, but they started running in 2009. They won elections in New Jersey and Virginia, terrorized the elderly with lies about "death panels," and paralyzed the Senate with filibusters and secret holds. Were he alive, Machiavelli himself would've endorsed the tactics of GOP figures like Sarah Palin and Mitch McConnell.

But lost in the morass of Republican deceit and obstruction that was 2009, there's a lesson for Democrats: run early and run hard. If we want to finish first in 2012, we've got to get off the blocks in 2011, and ActBlue is the best way to help Democrats get a good head start. Right now, you can use ActBlue to support Democrats from California to the Carolinas, whether they're running for mayor or U.S. Senate.

We depend on your support to provide that service. Can you help us out?

Yes, I'll help Democrats finish strong by making a $15 recurring donation to ActBlue.

No, sorry, I can't.

Your decision matters: the simple truth is that Democrats win by bringing people into the political process, and Republicans win by keeping them out. When you give through ActBlue, you're refusing to be excluded. If that's how you think we ought to run a democracy, then please:

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