Contribute Now to Run for Ed

by Tommi Makila


Ed is running, and so am I.
Ed is putting himself on the line by running for Congress. He’s doing it to represent regular people like myself in the nation’s capital. He’s doing it to fight for the less fortunate among us. He knows the big-money interests don’t need another representative in Washington.

To help Ed, I will be doing some running of my own. This spring, I will be training for the Dam to Dam 20K road run, which will be on Saturday, May 31 in Des Moines ( It is the Saturday before the June 3 primary. When running the race and training in my neighborhood, I will be sporting my Fallon for Congress T-shirt (available from the campaign for $12).

I challenge my fellow Fallon supporters to join me in my Run for Ed. It is a true win-win proposition. Training for the run will be good for your health - one of the best things you can personally do to help with our current health care crisis. Running will provide some additional PR for Ed’s campaign. In addition, I challenge those who decide to enter the race to make a donation to Ed’s campaign through this web site. Or, even if you are unable to run yourself, you can make a donation to support our efforts and Ed’s campaign.

Tommi Makila

Image of Ed Fallon

Ed Fallon