Contribute Now to Sack Steve

by Jerid Kurtz

On October 30, 2007 Jeff Coryell was terminated from the Plain Dealer's "Wide Open" paid political blog. His firing was a direct result of OH-14 Congressman Steve LaTourette's (R) complaints to the paper regarding Jeff's employment. In the previous political cycle, while an unpaid independent political blogger, Jeff wrote several negative posts about the Congressman and supported the Congressman's challenger. So, in 2007, Steve LaTourette vindictively took revenge as Cleveland's Plain Dealer, Ohio's largest newspaper, bent to political pressure and fired Jeff.

Americans deserve a free press. Ohioans deserve a free press. We deserve better. Donate to Bill O'Neill, Steve LaTourette's 2008 opponent, and let the Congressman know he can exert pressure on the media, but he can't control us.

For more on the firing, read Jeff's story: Congressman LaTourette Gets Blogger Fired From Wide Open

Image of Bill O'Neill

Bill O'Neill