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In Jim's own words:

I’m a fighter. I am committed and will survive the mudslinging which comes in an election year when the GOP is vulnerable, scared, without substance and rudderless. I ain’t afraid of the briar patch, and I am running this race to win.

He's got the courage to take on Liddy Dole. That was enough for me, but every passing day shows that he's on the side of truth, justice, and our Constitution. He's on our side. He would not vote for nominees that are pro-torture. He is unambiguous about protecting our right to privacy. He's completely against warrantless wiretapping. He is for enforcing the law - he wouldn't vote for retroactive immunity for the companies that assisted President Bush's illegal spying program. He's for healthcare that works for the poor and the rural people in North Carolina. He's one of us.

His precinct-level outreach shows that he's going to be a master of constituent service when he gets to Washington - no more absentee senators that put "I" before "we." Please give him your support.

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Jim Neal - Debt Retirement Fund