Contribute Now to Elect Suzan DelBene, WA - 08

by Robert Sargent


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Dave Reichert, party of "no" and one of the least effective members of Congress, is running for a fourth term. Dave is another Republican that loathes government run health care but loves Medicare. He voted against the health care and stimulus bills. When asked about the birthers' claim that Obama was born in Kenya, rather than dismissing as nonsense, he validated the "controversy" by responding "I'm investigating", demonstrating that he has bought into the Republican strategy of promoting and exploiting ignorance and bigotry for GOP benefit.

Suzan DelBene is a brilliant, thoughtful, accomplished business person who supports a public option, will defend women's reproductive rights, and brings innovative ideas for creating jobs in America. Please help Suzan DelBene defeat obstructionist Dave Reichert.

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Image of Suzan DelBene

Suzan DelBene