Contribute Now to Save Miami-Dade: Take back the House for Miami-Dade in FL-18, 21, & 25!

by Miami-Dade voters


Miami-Dade county is being misrepresented in Congress by three Republicans who have allowed corruption, deficit spending, violations of civil liberties, unjustified wars, cronyism, scandals, the gross million dollar government hand-outs to Halliburton and Big Oil companies, and the misuse of our environment (among other things) to remain unchecked by the Bush Administration.

The Problem: Ros-Lehtinen (FL-18), Lincoln Diaz-Balart (FL-21), & Mario Diaz-Balart (FL-25).

The Solution: David "Big Dave" Patak (FL-18), Frank J. Gonzalez (FL-21), & Michael Calderin (FL-25).

Please contribute and help three progressive candidates win the mid-term elections this November in place of the disastrous incumbents currently "representing" Miami-Dade in Congress.

Be a part of the solution, be a part of the change this November, donate and spread the word: Miami-Dade deserves better!

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Image of Dave Patlak

Dave Patlak


U.S. HOUSE: Florida District 18

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Frank Gonzalez


U.S. HOUSE: Florida District 21

Image of Michael Calderin

Michael Calderin


U.S. HOUSE: Florida District 25

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