Contribute Now to Save Equal Marriage

by Jennifer


This is the crucial moment to donate - while there is still time to reach swing voters before they make their decision.
Why? California is one of three states with equal marriage. Prop 8 wants to take it away. It started out behind in the polls, but due to an influx of money, primarily from Utah, the Yes on 8 people bought a lot of attack ads that spread lies about what will happen if Prop 8 doesn't pass.
The problem is, they're working.
No on 8 needs money NOW - so it has time to buy ads to counter the lying attack ads, ads to reach the swing voters that have been affected by them, ads to give them the facts.
Swing voters who aren't up on the facts are being affected by the lying ads (that state churches will lose their tax exempt status if people don't vote for Prop 8, for example), and the most recent set of polls shows Yes on Prop 8 five points ahead.
If the votes were counted today, the U.S. would be back down to two states that support equal marriage.
This is a travesty. I grew up in California, and I am sickened by the thought that my state could be the first to give, then take away, marriage from gay couples. 22,000 people have gotten married in California since equal marriage became available there - should Prop 8 pass, not only would other couples be unable to marry, but the courts may end up deciding whether 11,000 marriages are cancelled on top of that.
California is a bellwether state - where it goes, other states follow. That is why they are fighting so hard, lying so much, spending so much - because if they are defeated here, they know that equal marriage will spread even further.
And if they win, they could stop it in its tracks.
This is a pivotal moment. I have never asked anyone to donate money to a political cause before, but now is the time when action and donations are critical - this is the tipping point.
Don't let them win. Please contribute today.

Equality for All