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by mole333

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Florida 2000, Georgia's 2002 Senate race, and Ohio 2004 all showed us how important it is to ensure fair and accurate elections. The secretary of state in each state is in charge of fair and accurate elections. Part of what went wrong in FL, GA and OH, among other places, was having a corrupt, biased secretary of state. The Secretary of State Project aims to elect honest and fair secretaries of state wherever they can. They have elected honest secretaries of state to Ohio, Iowa, Missouri, New Mexico and other states that were critical in 2008. Arguably, one of the main differences between 2008 and the elections of 2004 and 2000 was that we had honest secretaries of state in most of the battleground states. Support their work and support the secretaries of state candidates I list here.

Image of Secretary of State Project

Secretary of State Project

Since 2000 our faith in our elections has been shaken. Corrupt Republican Secretaries of State, like Katherine Harris in Florida and James Blackwell in Ohio, have quite possibly stolen elections. Fraud, intimidation and dirty tricks have become standard procedure for Republicans to try and win. What we need is reform and to fight for Democrats to be Secretaries of State. The Secretary of State Project focuses on just this.

The Secretary of State Project (SOS Project) evaluates candidates based on their positions on election issues - primarily support for a voter-verifed paper trail and transparency of the voting process, strict enforcement of laws preventing voter intimidation, opposition to any and all barriers to voting by and registration of citizens, and a committment to increasing voter turnout rather than suppressing the votes of traditionally disenfranchised groups. While a progressive enterprise at its heart, the Secretary of State Project does not screen candidates for issue positions unrelated to the duties of the office of Secretary of State, including but not limited to the war in Iraq, gay marriage, a woman's right to choose, or U.S. trade policy.

I urge all who believe in fair elections to join me in supporting the SOS project.

Doug La Follette

WI-Sec State

Image of Ross Miller

Ross Miller

NV-Sec State

Another one that the Secretary of State supports.

Image of Debra Bowen

Debra Bowen

CA-Sec State

One of the best that the secretary of state project helped get elected.

Image of Angela Moore

Angela Moore

GA-Sec State

Image of Michael Mauro

Michael Mauro

IA-Sec State

Another one that the Secretary of State supports.

Image of Jocelyn Benson

Jocelyn Benson

MI-Sec State

Another one that the Secretary of State supports.

Image of Mark Ritchie

Mark Ritchie

MN-Sec State

Another one that the Secretary of State project helped out.

Image of Mary Herrera

Mary Herrera

NM-Sec State

Another one that the Secretary of State supports.

Marilyn Brown

OH-Sec State

Now that Jennifer Brunner, an award winning advocate of fair elections, is running for US Senate in Ohio, Marilyn Brown is running to take her place.

Image of Tony Evers

Tony Evers


Image of Van Ostern for New Hampshire

Van Ostern for New Hampshire


Tom Miller

IA-Atty Gen

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