Contribute Now to Do It For Seth & Michael...

by Seth and Michael (Two People You Love!)


Today, Seth and I were turned away from a wedding location because the OWNERS DIDN'T WANT A GAY WEDDING ON THEIR PROPERTY. PLEASE DONATE TODAY. We've just attended 3 gay weddings and saw the look on our friends' faces as they said their vows and I think we all deserve the right to equal protection under the law. How can this be happening? Writing discrimination into the Constitution of the GREAT State of California. The Mormons are after us. And I know you want to see our faces light up on our own wedding. So please. Stop what you're doing and help us defeat this heinous inane travesty. We love you all... we need your support. Get these commercials on the air and help us stop feeling attacked, marginalized and hated.

Equality for All