SAVE THE DEMOCRATIC SENATE and keep our nation moving forward toward a “we’re-all-in-this-together-society of shared prosperity and shared responsibility.”

by joining Eric Green, Carmin Reiss, Anna West Winter, Neil Rasmussen, Nancy Beeuwkes, Reinier Beeuwkes, Chet Atkins, Dinah Buechner-Vischer, Christopher Alberto and many other concerned citizens.

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For more than a year, a coalition of cash-rich right wing groups has financed a well-orchestrated campaign to take control of the U.S. Senate. And they will continue spending tens of millions of dollars more between now and Election Day. Their twin goals: (i) Make Republican Senator Mitch McConnell the Senate’s next Majority Leader and (ii) push a radical fringe agenda on the nation.

A sudden ground swell of nationwide grass-roots fundraising efforts has sprung up to save the U.S. Senate from a Republican Party take over, which would be catastrophic regardless of the outcome of the Presidential election.

In the fourteen days leading up to Election Day on November 6, radical right wing groups are making multi-million dollar ad buys to air last minute baseless ads to defeat Democratic senate candidates in key senate races.

The “swift-boat” ads against John Kerry in the 2004 presidential election taught us unanswered baseless ads lead to defeat. Your contribution will help give the targeted Democratic senate candidates the financial ability to respond immediately against the ongoing onslaught of deceptive ads during the final days of the 2012 election.

All funds donated by credit card or through PayPal are immediately paid directly to the seven identified senate campaigns listed below. For further information, please contact Christopher Alberto at or 978-831-3330.

Democratic Senator Dick Durbin predicts control of the U.S. Senate will come down to one seat. Currently, there are twelve senate races where the polls show single digits percentage points separating the Republican and Democratic candidates.

In order to get the biggest “Democratic Bang for the Buck” we are focusing contributions on seven vital senate races that have the highest probability of retaining Democratic control of the U.S. Senate.

Note that the webpage either automatically divides a donation between seven Democratic senate candidates or you can choose to divide your donation the way you want...give your entire donation to one candidate or divide it between 3 or 5 candidates. However you choose to donate, your funds are going to a key senate race.

The seven critical senate races are outlined below.


FIVETHIRTYEIGHT ANALYSIS Past polling average: Dem Carmona 39.6 Rep Flake 44.4 Latest polling data show Carmona/Flake now tied.

Democrat Richard Carmona is the reason why Republicans may lose what once looked like a definite seat for the Republicans. Carmona, who rose from a childhood of poverty to being named Surgeon General by President Bush, is running ads showing footage of him rappelling from a helicopter to rescue a trauma victim, wearing his impressive surgeon general's uniform, winning a "top cop" award and brandishing his SWAT team badge, plus testimonies from fellow Vietnam combat vets. Republican Congressman Jeff Flake is an anti-government extremist. The New York Times ranks this senate race, along with Indiana, as the best “Democratic Bang for the Buck” estimating that a $2,500 contribution could increase the Democratic Party's chances of winning the seat by 4.3 points. Carmona’s come-from-behind campaign has succeeded in catching up with Flake in recent polls.


FIVETHIRTYEIGHT ANALYSIS Past polling average: Dem Donnelly 38.7 Rep Mourdock 40.1 Latest polling average show Donnelly/Mourdock remain tied

After defeating moderate Republican Dick Lugar in the state’s Republican Primary, right wing extremist Richard Mourdock stated he likes politics because it allows him to “inflict [his] opinion” on others that disagree with him and he promised to never compromise with Democrats. He believes that Social Security and Medicare are “unconstitutional.” Fortunately, Mourdock’s extreme views increased Democrat Joe Donnelly’s chances to win a senate seat once thought unwinnable for Democrats. Donnelly also has broad appeal with independents and was re-elected in a Republican-leaning congressional district in 2010 even after Republicans spent more than $2 million trying to defeat him in that favorable Republican year. Polls show that Donnelly is competitive, but outside right wing groups, including Rove’s Crossroads GPS, are spending millions to defeat Donnelly. See Rove’s false attack ad The New York Times ranks this senate race, along with Arizona, as the best “Democratic Bang for the Buck,” estimating that a $2,500 contribution could increase the Democratic Party's chances of winning the seat by 4.3 points.


FIVETHIRTYEIGHT ANALYSIS Past polling average: Dem Warren 46.6 Rep Brown 45.8 Latest polling average show Warren/Brown remain tied

Like Virginia’s senate race, the Massachusetts senate race is identified as one of the top three races nationwide that will determine whether the Republicans or Democrats will control the U.S. Senate in January 2013. Like clockwork, when the late September polls showed Elizabeth Warren erased Brown’s lead, right wing groups including Rove’s Crossroads GPS and Glover Norquist's anti-tax organization Americans for Tax Reform began running negative ads and making negative robo calls against Warren. Keeping the late Ted Kennedy’s senate seat in Republican hands is an essential component for Republican plans to take control of the U.S. Senate. They plan to spend tens of millions of dollars to accomplish that goal.


FIVETHIRTYEIGHT ANALYSIS Past polling average: Dem McCaskill 43.4 Rep Akin 43.7

While Republican groups initially abandoned Todd Akin’s campaign in August over his “legitimate rape” comments, they have now rushed back in late September to defeat Democratic Claire McCaskill. (Republican groups had spent $10 million against Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill before Akin made his "legitimate rape" comments.) On September 25 Rick Santorum and Jim DeMint flew into the state and said that "if Republicans are to win back the Senate…we must defeat Sen. Claire McCaskill in Missouri;” Newt Gingrich and Phyllis Schlafly also headlined a $500-a-plate-fundraiser for Akin; and, on that same day, Missouri Republican Senator Blunt reversed his call for Akin to withdraw from the race stating he and Akin "don't agree on everything, but he and I agree the Senate majority must change." Blunt added, "I'll be working for the Republican ticket in Missouri, and that includes Akin." The polls show this critical race for control of the U.S. Senate is too close to call. Republican groups plan to match their earlier $10 million dollar investment against McCaskill.


FIVETHIRTYEIGHT ANALYSIS Past polling average: Dem Baldwin 47.2 Rep Thompson 46.0

Democratic Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin is not only fighting former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson in Wisconsin’s Senate race, she is also fighting against a flood of money from Republican groups including Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS ($1.5 million spent so far) and David Koch’s Americans for Prosperity ($3.5 million spent so far). Intent upon winning this Senate seat, their plan is pretty simple: spend millions to spread lies and hope that voters can’t tell lies from fact. Polls showed that plan worked, which gave Thompson a consistent lead in August and early September. When recent polls showed Baldwin pulling ahead, Republican groups began again pouring money into this senate race. On September 25, Karl Rove purchased $1 million worth of TV time to run a negative ad against Baldwin. See Rove’s deceptive ad entitled "rubber-stamped over a trillion dollars"


FIVETHIRTYEIGHT ANALYSIS Past polling average: Dem Kaine 46.0 Rep Alan 44.9

Before former Democratic Governor Tim Kaine’s campaign spent any money on advertisements, right wing groups including Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS, the Koch brothers-funded Americans for Prosperity, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the 60 Plus Association, and the American Future Fund, spent nearly $10 million on negative ads against him. The New York Times ranks this senate race as the #1 race (Wisconsin’s Baldwin and Warren ranking #2 and #3 respectively on that list) that will most likely determine which party will control the senate. See, fivethirtyeightforecast, Senate Nov 6 Forecasts, NYT. An unending stream of Republican attack ads continue to pump out lies about Kaine’s record. See the deceptive ad Karl Rove that starting airing on September 25. The polls show this senate race is close.


FIVETHIRTYEIGHT ANALYSIS Past polling average: Dem Brown 47.2 Rep 41.6

After targeting Ohio Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown with over $15 million dollars in negative ads, the right wing Super PACs succeeded in cutting Senator Sherrod Brown’s initial 17 point lead in half. This week Karl Rove’s Super PAC continued this multi-million dollar attack by funding another misleading ad ( to further chip away at Senator Sherrod Brown’s lead. Big players in the oil, gas, and coal industries are also financing an aggressive effort to defeat Democrats, especially Democrats in swing states like Ohio and Virginia where there are established operations like coal mines or fast-growing new efforts, like fields where natural gas is extracted through hydraulic fracturing, a technique that could face new restrictions from regulators. These oil, gas and coal industry groups (lead by Rex W. Tillerson, chief executive of Exxon Mobil, and Harold G. Hamm of Continental Resources), have already spent $153 million running ads this year advocating more fossil-fuel production and condemning spending by the Democrats on solar and wind projects. Sherrod Brown has been able to maintain a single digit lead in Ohio’s senate race, but these cash-rich Republican groups are committing millions to defeat him on November 6 in order to take control of the U.S. Senate.

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