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by SayNoToPombo


Richard Pombo is a walking, talking environmental wrecking machine. He is also one of the most corrupt members of Congress. Richard Pombo and Tom Delay are two peas in the same putrid pod.

We have an organized and energized grassroots movement in CA-11 that is standing up to Pombo and fighting back. We are going to give Richard Pombo the pink slip he deserves, but we need your support.

We know Richard Pombo has a lot of campaign cash. His buddies in the oil and mining, agribusiness, and real estate industries have seen to that. And we know Pombo is using this money in a brazen and mendacious manner to obscure his extremism from the good voters of his district.

That is why we need you to get involved today.

Your contribution will allow us educate the citizens of CA-11 about Pombo's true agenda and about the credible Democratic alternative. A $50 donation will allow us to send mailers to 100 voters about his irresponsible and rapacious environmental policies. A $150 contribution will let us run a week of phone-banking to expose his shameless corruption. Be generous and give as much as you can.

Each dollar you give is a message to the proud, pugnacious Democrats of CA-11. They are fighting a proxy war in the larger battle to take back our Congress and they need our support. Show them that you support them and stand with them. Open your wallet and join us in this fight.

With your support we will win.

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Image of Jerry McNerney

Jerry McNerney


Jerry McNerney is a strong, progressive Democrat. In addition to being supported by the Democratic Party, McNerney has been endorsed by both of Richard Pombo's opponents in the primary, Republicans Pete McCloskey and Tom Benigno, as well as Gen. Wesley Clark. McNerney also has the support of the California Labor Federation, the Teamsters, and the SEIU.

McNerney has been endorsed by the Modesto Bee, the Sacramento Bee, the San Jose Mercury News, the Pleasanton Weekly, the Danville Weekly, the Independent, and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Jerry McNerney will bring common sense, forward-looking policies to Congress. As a clean energy engineer, he will fight to protect our environment and end our dependence on foreign oil.