Contribute Now to Take Back a Blue District! (PA-08)

by Benjamin Schak


Image of Patrick Murphy

Patrick Murphy


Patrick is an Iraq War veteran, former West Point professor, former prosecutor, and all-around good guy who's running for Congress to stand up to George Bush, fight for a change of direction in our country, and get his fellow soldiers back home from Iraq.

The Pennsylvania 8th district is a naturally Blue district that should be represented by a Democrat. The district hasn't voted for a Republican for President since 1988, the incumbent is a weak freshman, and these Philadelphia suburbs are steadily trending Blue. Hotline called Patrick "the real deal," and he's running a vigorous campaign, featuring daily door-knocking and phone-banking as well as TV ads. (Just yesterday, I personally knocked on 93 doors, found 39 supporters to turn out on election day, wrote 12 personal notes to undecided voters, and set up a couple hundred lawn signs!)

Right now, Patrick is within striking distance. A recent poll showed his opponent ahead 43-38 with lots of undecideds who are discontented with the Bush administration. To make those folks break our way, we have to introduce Patrick to voters through television and direct mail. Philadelphia is an expensive media market, but we can do it with your help. A $100 contribution pays for one advertisement on cable TV, a $500 contribution pays for one on broadcast.

Of course, any amount helps a lot. If you can't adopt a TV ad, consider donating $59.50, which represents the cost of a one-way train ride for Patrick's opponent from Washington back to Levittown.

This race is sure to be one of the nation's closest on election day, so I hope we can count on your support.