Contribute Now to Scott and Martin's "NO ON PROP 8" Campaign

by Scott Henderson and Martin Bray


On August 29, 2008, we were legally married in the State of California. After 25 years together, you would think it might not be so important to be actually married - but for us, this symbol of legal equality is very important.
Proposition 8 on the November ballot could write discrimination into the California Constitution, deny gay couples the right to marry, and set a national agenda for similar state constitutional amendments across the country. We want people to vote NO on Proposition 8 in a big way.
Just as in many gay and civil rights legislation battles in the past, there are many individuals and institutions (like the Mormon Church in this case) that feel compelled to restrict our rights and deny us an equal place in society. There are organized media campaigns on both sides of this one, and millions of dollars are going into competing ads and outreach programs. At this point, the pro-amendment forces are outspending us, 2 to 1.
We want to ask you to consider making a donation to the NO ON PROPOSITION 8 campaign. We have given what we can, and we turn to you now to join us.
Consider it a wedding present - please help us defeat Proposition 8.
Scott Henderson & Martin Bray

Equality for All