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by Seth


Writing letters and postcards about the issues you care about are important parts of being an effective citizen, and I've made a blog dedicated to writing for good. Further, the most dramatic action you can take (in addition to using your voice!) is being an informed voter.

These are the candidates whose positions and political situations could make the best impact on issues such as social justice, the environment, sustainability, security, and peace. Often, they are challenging incumbents who have opposed these issues. You don't have to donate, but I hope this page is useful in helping you take steps toward making a better world.

Image of Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders


Bernie has been a truly independent voice in the U.S. House, and he will an advocate for the common good in the U.S. Senate.

Image of Robert Shamansky

Robert Shamansky


Robert Shamansky is a former U.S. representative, who is challenging Pat Tiberi for putting party before principle. Please see his website for his excellent takes on the issues.

Image of Mary Jo Kilroy

Mary Jo Kilroy


Mary Jo Kilroy is challenging party-line incumbent Deborah Pryce. She is a local civil servant who has been continuously endorsed by Democracy for America.

Image of Zachary Space

Zachary Space


Zack Space is challenging Bob Ney, the nexus of the Ohio corruption scandals. See article (Washington Post).

Image of Sherrod Brown

Sherrod Brown


Sherrod Brown has shown a steady interest for progressive causes as a U.S. representative. He's challenging unpopular incumbent Mike DeWine. DeWine has been a conservative-moderate through much of his career, but he has made socially conservative gestures lately in his fight for political survival.

Image of Ted Strickland

Ted Strickland


Ted Strickland is challenging Kenneth Blackwell for Governor. Blackwell has used his Ohio Secretary of State office to give unfair advantages to party leaders, often by suppressing votes in urban areas. Strickland has had a good record in the U.S. House, but the Blackwell's bad record is the biggest motivator.

Image of Jennifer Brunner

Jennifer Brunner

OH-Sec State

Jennifer Brunner is running to be Ohio's Secretary of State. Ohio is a crucial state in national elections, but it also has a reputation for horrible vote suppression. The United States needs Ohio to have an honest overseer of elections.

Marc Dann

OH-Atty Gen

Image of Jerry McNerney

Jerry McNerney


Jerry McNerney is running against incumbent Richard Pombo, who votes invariably for oil & gas company interests.

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