Contribute Now to Howard Shanker Advertising Fund

by Howard Shanker for Congress


The Howard Shanker for Congress team is moving into its Get Out the Vote phase. That means, we've got to spread the word about Howard in every corner of the District!

In order to effectively spread the word about Howard Shanker we need to order some 4ft by 8ft road signs. The cost for 100 of these signs is about $2500. Please consider donating a small amount toward these roads signs. If just 100 people sponsored 1 sign for $25 we could order our first batch of signs.

Here's to true grassroots action.

Thanks to all those who donated to get the ad in Grande Living Magazine! We needed $360 and you all responded with $390. We have rolled the other $30 into the road sign fund.

Image of Howard Shanker

Howard Shanker