Contribute Now to People Power in Wisconsin

by the ActBlue Team


Last night, Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) revealed the lie at the heart of his drive to ruin working families in Wisconsin. After insisting for weeks that union-busting was necessary to balance the state budget, Republicans in the legislature declared that it had no impact on the budget and passed the measure in a five minute meeting with no advance notice and no Democrats present.

Now we know what this struggle is really about: ruining Democrats. Working families are just collateral damage in Walker's power play.

Wisconsin Democrats and ordinary Americans across the country are using ActBlue to fight back. A $15 recurring donation to ActBlue gives them the tools they need to keep fighting. Already, 50,000 donors have contributed $1.4 million to Democrats in Wisconsin. After Republicans furtively passed the bill last night, another 11,000 donors expressed their outrage in dollars and cents.

ActBlue gives you the power to shape the future in Wisconsin. You've hung a $1.4 million pricetag on Gov. Walker's reckless disregard for democracy. And while he's taking his cues from the Koch brothers, you're teaching Wisconsin Democrats to rely on you.

To keep that power in your hands, we need your support. By making a $15 recurring contribution to ActBlue, you're ensuring that you'll have the strength to counter Republican overreach in Wisconsin and across the country.

Democrats in Wisconsin depend on ActBlue, and ActBlue depends on you.

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