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by Linda M Shoop


Image of Ned Lamont

Ned Lamont


I am a proud Ct democrat .I try to live our values and support those who do the same.I understand that many expect the Ct Democrats to split after our vibrant primary.I do not beleive that and I do not think you do either.Let's band together and support our candidate for the U.S.Senate Ned Lamont.America is watching us and we must rise to the challenge.If not now -when?Let unite and send the democratic winner of our primary as our voice to Washington D.C.

Linda M Shoop

Image of Rosa DeLauro

Rosa DeLauro


In the cynical world we have come to know as the beltway we do not often we see a genuine smile or a passionate plea for the everyday working American.Rosa DeLauro is what every state deserves in a representative.Rosa makes the energizer bunny look tired and it is an honor to have her representing us here in our state.Open ,honest ,intelligent and fair do not do her justice.Supporting Representative DeLauro is easy -she is what Ct wants and needs.

Image of Christopher Murphy

Christopher Murphy


We can oust the republican incumbent like his opponent,Nancy Johnson, who has supported the immoral bankrupcty bill that allows banks to foreclose on people's homes who have experienced catastrophic medical expenses like cancer treatments or rubber stamped the sad quagmire we have in Iraq.She has done this while accumulating a staggering debt and wage stagnation.It is time to send Nancy Johnson one of the primary architect's of the big pharma gift from congress and the rest of the fiscally insane republicans home for good.

Image of Diane Farrell

Diane Farrell


It is time that Chris Shays find's work for a new employer.Sadly he no longer represents Ct values nor does he bring home any return on our tax dollars.While our localities struggle to meet the demands of No Child Left Behind they have allowed our state Ct to settle for 63 censt return of every federal dollar we send to our national treasury. Alaska receives over 100% of every dollar they send. It is time we see balance here too.I am willing to pay for roads and schools in our nation but not always at the expense of the citizens of Ct .We deserve better than this.

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