Contribute Now to Shout, Shout, Let it out!

by Progressive Majority


There's a lot of whining by some conservatives about showing their stuff - namely who is donating to their campaigns. You might be confused about their calls for publicly disclosed congressional and legislative expenses and now this hush-hush attitude toward campaign contributions, but this really just shows that these candidates don't stand for anything but themselves.

But we here at Progressive Majority believe in something: open government and transparency.

That's why we're kicking off our campaign: Shout Shout, Let It Out!

Give $10 and a shout-out to Progressive Majority when you donate through ActBlue.

Tell Republicans you aren't afraid to donate to a progressive organization: Tweet about your donation, update your Facebook status, send an email to your friend, or post it to your blog.

We're not afraid to tell the world what we stand for and who we give to. Join us in shouting out!

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