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by Camsteve

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Hello friends and fellow Democrats,

On the chance that you just might have a few dollars burning a hole in yourpocket, I present for your review here several highly worthwhile Democratic candiadates for office who are locked in tight election battles. Each of these candidates and causes could use your help in the last blasts of the campaign. Please give generously and often. Give til it hurts. We must do our part to take our country back and to get decent, hard working Americans elected to office. Thank you.

Image of Barack Obama

Barack Obama


He's the man, need we say more.

Equality for All

This is the No on 8 campaign- against the California proposition 8 which would, if passed, outlaw same sex marriage in California. This is a civil rights issue in our state and we should say No to H8.

Hannah-Beth Jackson


Running for SD-19, Tom McClintock’s old seat, against former Club For Growth California Director Tony Strickland. Hard working, progressive with 6 years experience in the CA Assembly. Promotes education, health care and environmental issues. Running against an arch conservative do nothing, budget stalling wing nut, who is corrupt to boot.

Image of Gary Trauner

Gary Trauner


Leading with the thinist of margins in the race for Wyoming's one house seat. This seat was once held by Dick Cheney- now wouldn't that be sweet to move this one to the Democrate column. In desparate need of some cash to mount last minute close the deal offensive.

Image of Bob Lord

Bob Lord


Running against one of the leading republican wingnuts in Washington, Lord is polling ahead in this republican district in Pheonix. A win here would be huge as it will knock off one of the champions of the far right in Congress. Important to give to help him with a last push.

Image of Larry Kissell

Larry Kissell


We need to have representatives in Congress who will actually represent their districts and the American people- placing the interests of the people above their own personal interests. Running to represent the district with the highest unemployment in NC. Int 206 Larry came within 300 votes of unseating the millionaire, job exporting incumbent.

Image of Kay Hagan

Kay Hagan


Kay Hagan has run a great campaign and is on the verge of beating a member of the Republican royalty, who despite being a Duke Alum, has been ineffective in representing North Carolina in the Senate. Go Kay Go!

Image of Darcy Burner

Darcy Burner


Former microsoft employee and true progressive locked in a tight race outside of Seattle against a former sheriff and Bush fan. A close race which will be a big win for the Dems on Nov 4. Tons of washington money is being dumped in this race by the republican establishment- they are drawing the line in the sand here.

Image of Travis W. Childers

Travis W. Childers


Elected a few months ago in a special election to fill a vacant republican held seat in congress, Travis represents an area of north Mississippi stretching from the Memphis suburbs to the birthplace of Elvis. We need to consolidate this gain and keep the seat in Democratic hands.

Image of Jerry McNerney

Jerry McNerney


Jerry defeated one of the more corrupt leaders of the republican house in 2006 to take this district centered in the Stockton/ Modesto area of California's Central Valley. An expert in alternative energy - he is the type of energy expert we need in government, not folksy, no-nothing Sarah.

Image of Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown


Running in a northern California (northern sierra foothills) against Tom McClintock (my termed out state senator ) from Thousand Oaks -Ventura county in So Cal- (how does that work??) who is a godfather of the conservative right wing do nothing movement. We must deny McClintock a seat at the table in the Congress.

Image of Patrick Murphy

Patrick Murphy


Iraq war vet, he took this district in Penn from the repubs in 2006. We need to help him consolidate that victory.

Image of Victoria Wulsin

Victoria Wulsin


Running in conservative Cinncinatti area against "Mean Jean"- one of the most obnoxious wing nuts in the House of Representatives

Image of Scott Kleeb

Scott Kleeb


A longshot bid for the open senate seat in Nebraska that is closer than we might have expected. With Obama campaigning hard in Omaha, Scott might be able to ride the coattails to Washington.

Image of Marta Jorgensen

Marta Jorgensen


Running for my congressional seat- virtually no chance of winning here in Ventura County California.

Image of Rick Noriega

Rick Noriega


Running for Senate in Texas against the republican incumbant. Tough race being it is Texas.

Image of Andrew Rice

Andrew Rice


Running a spiritied campaign for the Senate in Oklahoma against a real no-nothing republican.

Image of Mark Begich

Mark Begich


Leading in the race to defeat convicted felon Ted Stevens for the Alaska senate seat.

Image of Ronnie Musgrove

Ronnie Musgrove


Former governor of Mississippi running for Trent Lott's old Senate seat.

Image of Betsy Markey

Betsy Markey


Image of Jim Martin

Jim Martin


Close to pulling off a mother of all upsets in winning a republican held Senate seat in Georgia.

Image of Elwyn Tinklenberg

Elwyn Tinklenberg


Running against the odious Michelle Bachmann in the suburbs and exurbs of the Twin Cities. Bachmann has called Michella and Barack Obama unAmerican and has advocated an investigation of who in Congress might be UnAmerican! Sounds like she is unAmerican and not deserving of her seat in Congress.

Image of Debbie Cook

Debbie Cook


Huntington Beach mayor running against Orange County nutcase Dana Rohrebacher for the house seat representing central coastal Orange County California. She is a credible candidate and we might just get Dana out of there.

Image of Mary Jo Kilroy

Mary Jo Kilroy


Image of Al Franken

Al Franken


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