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by Mark Mullen

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These six candidates are the six we need to elect to get sixty Democrats in the US Senate.

If Obama wins the presidency and we have sixty senators, we can be sure to move forward on the issues we all care about. If we miss this chance to get a filibuster proof majority, then anti-progressive forces may have the traction they need to try to spoil this pivotal opportunity. Let's not let that happen.

Time is short,


Image of Mark Begich

Mark Begich


Consistent champion of the environment in a state that is very pro hydrocarbon. Running against Ted Stevens the most cinemagraphically corrupt member of the US Senate who has been indited for illegally concealing lobbying largess.

Image of Jim Martin

Jim Martin


Vietnam vet, honest, independent, against the Iraq war.

Image of Bruce Lunsford

Bruce Lunsford


Got it right on Iraq unlike McConnell who he is running against.

Image of Al Franken

Al Franken


Smart, funny, fearless

Image of Ronnie Musgrove

Ronnie Musgrove


Image of Rick Noriega

Rick Noriega


Fantastic candidate running against the opposite. In the reserves and has fought in Afghanistan.

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