Contribute Now to Team Equality: Relay Marathon for Equality

by Jasmine Beach-Ferrara


On October 18th, I will be part of a relay team running the Breakers Marathon in Newport, RI. We are running to raise money for the No on 8 Campaign, a historic campaign which can propel the LGBT civil rights movement forward.

Seven of us have formed two relay teams, each of which will complete the marathon. Together, we'll be running 52.4 miles.

I am not in shape for my leg of this. At all. But I'm counting on a scenic coastline and the company of good friends to make up for that rather unfortunate fact.

I hope you'll choose to pledge me. I will be running very slowly. You might consider pledging me by miles run (13.1) or by minutes it takes to run these miles (probably about 130). Maybe longer.

Preserving marriage equality in California matters across the nation, and it matters especially to LGBT folks in the places that Meg and I call home: North Carolina and Missouri. For folks in these and many other states, equality will come only at the federal level. And we simply must win in California in order to move forward with the longer term strategy to bring a case before the US Supreme Court in the next 10 - 15 years.

Please join me in this historic campaign. It is going to take a national community of donors digging deep in order to win, but this campaign is winnable and victory (unlike the finish line of the Breakers Marathon) is within sight.

Thanks for your support! Take care, Jas

Equality for All