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by Corey & Mimi


Dear Friends & Family:

As some of you may know, Mimi and I are expecting our first child - a boy - in March 2007. Naturally, we are very excited about this new addition to our family. But I have to be honest with you - I'm more than a bit nervous about bringing a new child into this world given the direction our country is headed.

Mimi likes to remind me, "There's NEVER a good time...think back through history...all the dictatorships, calamaties, depressions, natural disasters...people still had plenty of babies when the armies of Genghis Khan roamed the plains of Asia, no?" And that's when I say, "Uh, yeah...I guess you've got a point...." But then, undaunted by Mimi's clever little history lesson, I respond: "The difference today is that as Americans we still enjoy the privilege to control who represents us in government, and now we have the chance to set things right in OUR country to restore our dignity and regain the respect and admiration of the world!" Touche!

Regardless of your political affiliation, there are fundamental American and human values at stake in this upcoming mid-term election. Our government is (theoretically) based on the concept of checks and balances. Sadly, accountability and balance have been lost through total control of ALL branches of government by a single political party. The result has been the grotesque abuse of power that we all have witnessed over the last six years. Meanwhile, the world has been watching....with an odd mixture of laughter, tears and horror.

Mimi and I are hoping to raise our son in a nation governed by sane people, overseen by other sane people. Yet we know this won't magically happen unless we all take some kind of action to ensure proper checks and balances are once again put in place in Washington. Our options are few. We can either run for political office, join protests, or support the right candidates by getting out the vote and raising money. I haven't ruled out entering politics, and hope there won't come a day when we all have to take to the streets. Until then, we have chosen to invest our time and money in supporting candidates who can restore integreity and accountability to our governing bodies.

It is with this goal in mind that Mimi and I humbly ask you to support the honorable Congressional and Senate candidates listed amount is too small. These races are seven of the most critical in returning balanced government to Washington, and all of them are currently rated "tossup". Razor thin margins will decide the winners, based on get-out-the-vote and blitz advertising activities that rely on every last penny of financial support in the final few weeks. In fact, the candidates below buy radio ad time at $30 slots, so every dollar counts. Your contribution WILL make a difference in the final outcome.

100% of your contributions go DIRECTLY to each candidate's fundraising account - there is no middle man, and we don't see any credit card data (although if left unchecked, the President might one day be able to...:-) ). Please also forward the email with the link to our page to those who you believe share our desire for change.

And if you have ten extra minutes to spare in your day, you can start your own page just like this one to raise funds for the candidates of your choice using your own personal message (or if you maintain a website or blog, perhaps you can put in a link to our page).

If we all take action, just think of what kind of impact we can have - together.

Thanks for listening and (hopefully) contributing,

Your friends always,

Corey & Mimi

Image of Jerry McNerney

Jerry McNerney


(Mom and Dad have been travelling to Tracy, CA every weekend to canvass for support, house by house. They tell me this race is winnable, and Pombo is the epitomy of corrupt Washington.)

Excerpts from the Sacramento Bee's endorsement of Jerry McNerney:

During his 14 years in the House of Representatives, Richard Pombo has usually earned guarded support from The Bee.

Along the way, though, he has earned other types of support — contributions from development interests, Indian gaming tribes, oil companies, foreign mining concerns and some of the most corrupt people in Washington, D.C. To earn that support, Pombo has embraced potentially disastrous environmental policies; suggested selling off national parks and tried to engineer giveaways of natural resources...

All have returned his support in the form of contributions. Various lists put contributions to Pombo at $7.3million, including mountains of money raised at lavish events hosted by lobbyists including Jack Abramoff, and he was a protégé of disgraced House Majority Leader Tom DeLay.

Their support has cost him ours. We can no longer embrace a politician who appears to put special interests ahead of the interests of his district. It's also troubling that one watchdog group listed Pombo among Washington's 20 most corrupt representatives.

Instead, The Bee endorses Democrat Jerry McNerney of Pleasanton. He is a political neophyte, a Ph.D. engineer who attended West Point, once worked at Sandia National Laboratories and now owns a windpower company. He wants to develop alternative energy to create power and jobs. Wonkish and facing a charisma deficit, he has so far eschewed big corporate contributions — meaning he will be thoroughly outspent.

To send Pombo back to the Capitol endorses a system we can no longer tolerate.

The Sacramento Bee

Image of Jill Derby

Jill Derby


(I have made hundreds of get-out-the-vote calls to Nevada voters in support of Jill Derby, so I'm personally invested in her success)

A bitterly contested Republican primary on August 15, 2006 was won by Secretary of State Dean Heller. The Democratic nominee, Jill Derby, Regent for the University and Community College System of Nevada, had no primary opposition.

In late August, analyzed the race: "Although the 2nd District generally leans Republican, Derby's competitive position in the general election was already strengthened by the fact that she was unopposed in the Aug. 15 Democratic primary while the Republicans staged a bruising battle among three well-known candidates."

Image of Harry Mitchell

Harry Mitchell


Incumbent J.D. Hayworth has a reputation for being a real right-wing firebrand, which endears him to some of his constituents but not all. He also took some money from disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff. He said it was only $2250, but a poll earlier this year showed that 62% of his constituents thought he was lying. He has never had a tough opponent before, but state senator Harry Mitchell is a serious contender. Given the district's slight Republican majority, Hayworth is probably ahead, but it could easily change. This one could go either way.

Image of Harold Ford, Jr.

Harold Ford, Jr.


RealClearPolitics Analysis:

(October 12) Tennessee has turned in to real dog fight. Rep. Harold Ford has probably run one of the best campaigns this cycle, and it shows, as he is well positioned to pull off a huge upset in a state the Republicans felt pretty confident about holding. Of the six polls in our current RCP Average, which gives Ford a scant 0.8% lead, all but one has the race within two points. In our earlier analysis we felt Corker still held the edge here because of the conservative leanings of the state, but the longer Ford stays clearly in the mix and doesn’t let Corker pull out to a small lead the more likely the upset becomes.

Image of Claire McCaskill

Claire McCaskill


(October 13) The SurveyUSA poll giving McCaskill a 9-point lead is the clear outlier in the five polls in the current RCP Average which pegs McCaskill’s lead at 1.4%. We have said for some time that this race is really the bellwether for how the Senate ends up breaking, a GOP hold here and Republicans probably escape a disaster election night. A win for the Dems puts them right in the mix of what they need for control, with New Jersey and Tennessee likely becoming the tie breakers.

Image of James Webb

James Webb


RealClearPolitics Analysis (September 25) The "Macaca" incident (a vicious racial slur that Allen used against an Indian man at a rally) has in hindsight completely changed the dynamic of this race in a way we didn't anticipate at the time. Some of this is the fault of the Allen campaign and how they managed the damage control, but much of it is a function that "Macaca" acquired the legs it had because of the fodder in George Allen's background on race. As much as we were right in identifying James Webb as a potential problem for Allen back in February, we were flat out wrong as to the effect of "Macaca" this August.

Bottom line, George Allen is in trouble. And if these next round of polls show this contest tied or Webb ahead, Allen will be in big, big trouble. This is not to say that this race should be chalked up to the Democrats, only that there is a serious, potential upset brewing in Virginia.

And think of what Allen's defeat would mean to his planned run for President in 2008?

Image of Jon Tester

Jon Tester


(From the USA Today)

Jon Tester, the Democratic U.S. Senate candidate, fits right in amid the sea of barbecue grills and beer at this tailgating party outside the opening University of Montana football game. A burly farmer wearing a Grizzlies team T-shirt and his signature flattop haircut, Tester doesn't resemble most politicians. He's probably the only Senate candidate who took six days off from campaigning recently to harvest grain-on his farm near Big Sandy. Political observers thought it was a little crazy to give up prime campaigning time against three-term incumbent Republican Sen. Conrad Burns in one of the country's premier Senate races. But Tester just shrugs: "I'm a farmer, not a politician. I'm running to get honest representation back in Washington, D.C."

That down-home attitude is clearly appealing to many Big Sky Country voters and has Burns facing the toughest test of his career. Burns's job is also one the national Democratic Party is eyeing hungrily in its quest to gain six seats and win back the Senate. The most recent polling put Tester, president of the Montana state Senate, slightly ahead-a shocking turnabout for the incumbent...

Read about how close this race is:

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