Contribute Now to Secure Our Senate Majority

by Ilana Newell

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Only with a solidly Democratic Senate, can the next President advance his/her policies, cabinet confirmations, ambassadors, and judical nominations. Our existing 51-49 majority is a slim one. One vote is not enough to affect real and lasting change.

In 2008, there are 6 open seats (retiring Republicans) and Republicans are defending another 17 seats besides. In contrast, Democrats have just 12 seats to protect. This is a real advantage that we must capitalize on while we have the chance. Help us increase the democratic majority in the U.S. Senate in 2008 by investing in these strategically-selected U.S. Senate races, where our money will make the biggest incremental difference. Let's ensure that our candidates have the resources they need to win, so we can move beyond Republican obstruction and advance our progressive agenda.

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