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by The ActBlue Team


In response to a Supreme Court decision that allows unlimited corporate "speech" (read: money) into our elections, Democrats are working to establish a way for Americans to know who's behind the curtain. Last week, the National Rifle Association outfoxed the American people by successfully lobbying to remain exempt from those rules. It's total hogwash: the NRA is using it's right to unlimited "speech" to avoid telling the American people who's speaking.

It's worth asking why an organization that bills itself as protecting the constitutional rights of Americans is pushing so hard to avoid disclosing what exactly it's doing to protect them.

At ActBlue, we don't believe in disembodied corporate speech; we believe in the voice of the American people. Over the past 6 years we've amplified your voice to the tune of $135,000,000, making it clear to everyone that the American people are a powerful force in our politics. Like you, we've seen what happens when banks and oil companies have their way in Washington, and we're working to help you have an equal say.

Unlike the NRA, ActBlue discloses where the money comes from and where it goes. We also fund ourselves via $15 recurring contributions from our users, embracing America's oldest creed: "by the people, for the people." If you value having a voice in our nation's capitol, please support our work with a $15 recurring contribution.

Remember, Washington D.C. speaks the language of money and influence. At ActBlue, we're working every day to help you be part of the conversation.

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