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by State Senate Democratic Committee

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August 30th is a critical campaign fundraising deadline for campaigns. You can help show people all across the state the strength and support of your favorite candidate(s). Each of our campaigns are out raising as much money as they can in the final days of the fundraising period. They are calling and mailing a their supporters and asking for their help to fight back against the Republicans and their big dollar special interest allies.

Online donations are the fastest growing trend in political fundraising, and that's why we are offering this challenge to sweeten the deal. A generous donor has agreed to contribute $500 to the campaign that gets the most donors through this special fundraising page on ActBlue by the end of the day on August 30th. Pick your favorite candidate(s) and vote with your wallet.

Every donation counts towards this challenge, no matter the size, so please, encourage your friends to donate by spreading the word about this fundraising page on facebook and via email.

Image of Carol Beals

Carol Beals


Grant County Supervisor Carol Beals has spent her life fighting for her community and the hardworking families of Southwestern Wisconsin. Born and raised in the district, Beals has been recognized both for her work at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, her work as an AFSCME member and for her outstanding leadership and service to numerous community and volunteer organizations.

Carol is the only candidate on this list who is taking on a current incumbent Republican Senator. Her district was the first in the state to elect a woman to the State Senate and, while several Democrats have been elected to the State Assembly, the district has not elected a Democrat to the Senate since the 1970's.

Image of Monk Elmer

Monk Elmer


Dr. Elmer has been a Family physician in Kimberly for the last 20 years. In that time he has received numerous awards and commendations for his outstanding care, culminating in 1998 when he was recognized as the Wisconsin Family Physician of the year.

In 2008 Dr. Elmer was elected to the Kimberly School Board. Almost immediately he was selected to be the Board’s president and has served in that role since. On the school board he has devoted himself to providing world class education while balancing the needs of schools, teachers, students, and taxpayers. He is known as a pragmatic consensus-builder, and plans to bring this results oriented approach to Madison.

Image of Pat Kreitlow

Pat Kreitlow


A long time resident of the Chippewa Valley, Senator Kreitlow spent his early career as a popular news anchor at WEAU in Eau Claire. In the Senate, Pat has been the leading advocate for the development and use of home grown and produced renewable fuels.

In addition to his work on energy issues, Pat has been an outspoken supporter of campaign finance reform legislation and has worked tirelessly to expand our state's efforts to bring high tech businesses and good paying jobs to Wisconsin.

Image of John Lehman

John Lehman


Senator Lehman has been serving the Racine community for over two decades - as City Councilman, State Representative, and now State Senator. In the Senate John is a leader for working families and the middle class - working to bring new, well-paying jobs to the region, increase wages, and protect workers of bankrupt companies.

As a former teacher John is also a strong advocate for high standards and fair state funding for our public schools.

Image of Jim Sullivan

Jim Sullivan


Senator Sullivan of Wauwatosa has been an outspoken supporter of job creation and economic development in Southeastern Wisconsin. He’s championed the development of new biotech and medical research industries, and the new high-paying jobs that they bring.

In addition, he’s worked to improve our law enforcement and safety services. As a former Air Force reservist, he continues to push the state to increase benefits for our many veterans and those currently serving in the armed forces.

Image of Kathleen Vinehout

Kathleen Vinehout


Senator Vinehout is perhaps best known for her ongoing fight to bring real health care reform to the state of Wisconsin. Kathleen has put all of her energy into ensuring that every man, woman, and child in Wisconsin gets the same level of health care that we as State legislators receive.

As the owner of a family farm, Kathleen has also devoted her efforts to helping Wisconsin’s farmers get the support they deserve and the resources they need to succeed.

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