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by the Swing State Project


The Swing State Project has been analyzing key races across the country for nearly five years. We've had our eye on MS-01 for some time, giving it a competitive rating before any other major prognosticator did so. Travis Childers bore out our projections and then exceeded them, coming just 410 votes shy of outright victory in the special election on April 22nd. Now he faces a two-candidate run-off on May 13th. This is a very winnable race, but only if Childers gets all the help he needs. Please lend a hand!

Image of Travis W. Childers

Travis W. Childers


Travis Childers is an economic populist who supports S-CHIP, opposes CAFTA and wants us to withdraw our troops from Iraq in 12 to 18 months. Let's turn this deep red seat blue and send another vote for change to Congress!