Contribute Now to The Swing State Project Endorses Jim Martin

by The Swing State Project


The Swing State Project has been analyzing key races across the country for five years, but we've only endorsed three candidates in our time: Jon Tester, Travis Childers, and now, Georgia Senate candidate Jim Martin.

We've had our eye on Martin's campaign against the odious Saxby Chambliss for some time, but this race has only recently tightened in the polls, and SSP was the first prognosticator to give it a highly competitive rating (just like we were for the MS-01 special election). This is a winnable race, but only if we put our money where are mouths are and give Martin the resources he needs. Please lend a hand!

Image of Jim Martin

Jim Martin


Jim Martin is a progressive populist running against the despicable GOP Senator Saxby Chambliss. Recent polling shows a surprisingly tight race, so let's help turn this deep red state a bright shade of blue by lending Martin a hand.