Contribute Now to Stand Up for Love: Defeat Prop 8

by Simon Glickman


The Yes on 8 campaign has an edge in the polls and a big monetary advantage. We can't let this intolerant initiative pass, so I'm asking you to pitch in.

California has long enjoyed a reputation as a refuge from narrow-minded parochialism and (particularly sexual) bigotry. Yet we haven't always lived up to that reputation; only recently did our Supreme Court join the modern era by ruling that laws preventing gay marriage were unconstitutional. This decision could be overturned by Prop 8, and that would be a betrayal of California's promise.

This is about the pursuit of happiness in its most fundamental form. In a free land, people who love each other should be able to enjoy all the rights and benefits of marriage. Period. If that liberty is written out of our constitution, everyone's freedom dies a little. So dig deep and let's stop this cruel, bigoted assault on our gay brothers and sisters.

Equality for All