Contribute Now to Stanford Pride for Equality, No on 8

by Evan Horowitz, on behalf of Stanford Pride


WE ARE BEHIND IN THE POLLS: 47 to 42. If we lose California, it will be extremely difficult to even start an equality campaign in other states.

Evangelical groups have raised dramatically more money than we have: $27M vs. $20M. This money is funding a massive ad campaign to sway voters with lies: see an example.

Your donation sends our message to undecided voters!
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  • $50,000 A week of "Family Guy" in Sacramento and the Central Valley
  • $25,000 A week of "Grey's Anatomy" in Orange County
  • $10,000 A week of "Oprah" in the Central Valley
  • $5,000 Twice during "The Daily Show" in Los Angeles
  • $2,500 Twice during "The Daily Show" in San Francisco
  • $1,000 During the presidential debate in Sacramento
  • $500 During "Dr. Phil" in San Diego
  • $125 During "Heroes" in Palm Springs
  • $50 In a small TV market in Spanish

Equality for All