Contribute Now to Third Quarter StartChange PAC Matching Day

by StartChange PAC


The battle for control of Congress is coming down to a few critical races. We have chosen five Democratic candidates to support today and we need your help. Our research has found that these are five of the closest and most critical races to take control of the House and put a stop to the Bush agenda.

Right now is a critical moment: there are 40 days to the election and we are 36 hours away from the September 30 filing deadline. Money given today will not only help candidates fund advertising and field campaigns, it will also show the media and the Republicans how committed we are to victory.

With the help of a major donor and StartChange supporter: we match every dollar you gave in the next 36 hours up to $2000 for each candidate. That’s a $10,000 match. Please contribute before midnight on September 30!

UPDATE (10/05 2:45pm): Congratulations! We've exceeded our match goals and together we've raised more than $27,000 for these candidates! If you haven't contributed yet, please do so today. Thank you!!

Image of Darcy Burner

Darcy Burner


Darcy is a successful Microsoft businesswoman taking on conservative Republican Dave Reichert, who only won 51% of the vote in 2004. Darcy comes from a family of veterans with deep roots in Washington State, and she has a great chance to put this seat solidly in the blue column. Let’s get Darcy to 51% in 2006!

Image of Joe Donnelly

Joe Donnelly


After a career in the law and public service, Joe Donnelly is taking on Chris Chocola, one’s President Bush’s most reliable backers in Congress. Chocola has supported total privatization of social security. It’s time to privatize Chris Chocola and send Joe Donnelly to Congress.

Image of Mary Jo Kilroy

Mary Jo Kilroy


In all important Ohio, Mary Jo Kilroy is taking on Deborah Pryce, the #4 Republican in the House. Pryce took thousands of dollars from convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff and held ten fundraisers in his restaurant. It's time for a change in Ohio and Mary Jo is poised to make it happen. Mary Jo has served the people of the Columbus area as an attorney and a county commissioner. Now let's help put her in Congress.

Image of Christopher Murphy

Christopher Murphy


A two-term state senator in Connecticut Chris Murphy is taking on Republican Nancy Johnson, who as the chair of the Health subcommittee helped shape the disastrous Medicare prescription drug plan while taking more money from pharmaceutical industry PACs and employees than any other member of Congress. Chris recently helped shepherd Connecticut’s historic stem cell research funding initiative. Who do you want in our Congress?

Image of Patrick Murphy

Patrick Murphy


Tired of Republicans who act tough on national security, but put our nation at risk with ill-considered policies? Then, throw a few bucks to Patrick Murphy, a Democrat and an Iraq veteran taking on Pennsylvania Republican Mike Fitzgerald. Patrick Murphy is young, bright, exciting -- and he has a great chance to win -- but he needs our help.

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