Contribute Now to Start Off Right

by Bob Bland

Goal Thermometer
(since November 08, 2009)

The Cochise County Plan called for us to carry over $10,000 into 2010 so we’d START OFF RIGHT. Meeting that goal means we will be able to spend money on phones, stamps, posters, doorhangers, advertising, and all the other expenses of an election year.

We start in mid-November with $8,300 in the treasury so we need to raise just $1,700 to meet our goal. Your contribution of ANY amount will move us steadily toward that goal and you'll be able to watch the Start Off Right thermometer move up and up and up toward $10,000 in the Cochise Coyote.

Your gift through Act Blue (and perhaps a "tip") will be very helpful. Start us off right! Thank you.

Bob Bland Chair

Cochise County Democratic Committee