Contribute Now to Stem Cell Champions: Extended List

by Coalition of Stem Cell Research Supporters


Don't get mad -- get even. Make a donation now. These are candidates who:

1) Have been strongly and vocally supportive of embryonic stem cell research 2) Have opponents who have not been supportive 3) Have a real chance of winning -- with our help

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Image of Paul Aronsohn

Paul Aronsohn


Paul Aronsohn is a strong supporter of embryonic stem cell research -- for personal and policy reasons -- and he has been very public about his support.

His opponent, incumbent Scott Garrett, fundamentally opposes embryonic stem cell research -- a fact demonstrated by his actions in Congress, press reports, and public statements.

Please help Paul win this race.

Image of Steve Sinton

Steve Sinton


Republican incumbent Tom Price is anti-stem cell research, even though he's an MD (orthopedic surgeon).

Running against him is Steve Sinton, a founder of Air America Radio, and a big Stem Cell Research proponent (the issue is featured prominently on his site).

Please help Steve win this race.

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