Contribute Now to Joe Wilson Stole Your Bike

by Rod


Joe Wilson is your pre-existing condition.

Joe Wilson used your best scissors to trim his ear hair.

Joe Wilson laid off your dad just before his pension kicked in.

Joe Wilson canceled Arrested Development.

Joe Wilson yells 'Free Bird' at concerts.

Joe Wilson hit on your mom.

Joe Wilson didn't refill your Brita pitcher.

Joe Wilson traded the dead batteries in his Walkman for the fresh ones in your TV remote.

Joe Wilson yells while adults are talking.

Joe Wilson uses White-Out on legal documents.

Joe Wilson steals one of each pair of socks while they are in the dryer.

Joe Wilson's phone goes off in movie theaters.

Joe Wilson walks his dog on your lawn.

Joe Wilson scrawled your sister's phone number in the bathroom stall.

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Rob Miller


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