Contribute Now to Stop the Hate: Vote No on 8

by Shiyan, Vickie, and YOU!


Proposition 8 will eliminate the right of same sex couples to marry in California. Please join us in supporting the No on Prop 8 campaign.
This November, Californians will be voting on Proposition 8—a ballot initiative that eliminates the right to marry for same-sex couples. Our opponents have raised over $25 million and are using it to broadcast lies 24/7 and up and down the state of California. And the polls show the lies are working. With less than a month before the election, we must get on the air now to answer these lies and swing votes back to our side.
This is about so much more than marriage. We will not stand by while voters treat LGBT people, or any other group, unequally by eliminating fundamental constitutional rights.
Please consider making a gift right now to help us reach our goal. All donations go directly to NO on 8, Equality for All.

Thank you for your support!

Equality for All

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