Contribute Now to Stop drilling

by Darcy Burner

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There are those in Congress who have had the courage and foresight to fight to free Americans from oil for years. Please help keep some of our most important leaders in Congress.

Image of Raul Grijalva

Raul Grijalva


Congressman Raul Grijalva was calling for an investigation of BP's failure to follow adequate safety standards on its deep water drilling platform two months before the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe!

Image of Jay Inslee

Jay Inslee


Congressman Jay Inslee has been one of leading voices on new energy, and was the first public official to call for an Apollo-like clean energy program.

Image of Tom Perriello

Tom Perriello


Congressman Tom Perriello, when asked about voting for the House energy and climate legislation, told reporters that it was more important that he do the right thing than that he get re-elected. (This from a man who won by 727 votes...)

Proof positive, I'd say, we should get him re-elected.

Congressional Progressive Caucus PAC

The Congressional Progressive Caucus PAC supports deeply progressive candidates and incumbents who will work together to move progressive policy in Congress.

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