Contribute Now to Stop my Tea Party Party

by John Fontaine

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I've done well and I'm a straight white male. Here is the deal. If the Republicans take power I'll get an extended tax cut and everyone else will suffer. I'm not going to be gloomy, instead I'm going to celebrate an extension of Bush economic policies that benefit people like me. If we don't raise some money here by Sept 20 to support some progressive Democrats then I'm going to give up and go Tea Party. Why should I be depressed in November after the Republicans retake control. Instead I'm going to spend my free government money borrowed form the Chinese (aka tax cuts) on frivolous things that will contribute to anthropologic global warming and invest the rest in payday lending, Halliburton and oil companies. In summary, as a form of protest I will become a right wing jerk, unless you give money to Democrats now.

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Scott McAdams


This guy got a gift when the Republicans dropped their incumbent senator for a complete lunatic.

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Michael Bennet


Colorado can stay blue

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Richard Blumenthal


Fight the WWE.

Image of Jack Conway Debt Retirement

Jack Conway Debt Retirement


Stop Rand Paul

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These guys will be deciding in the next few days where to put money in order to save the house. Give money to make more races competitive.

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