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Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan has quietly amassed a very extreme right voting record-- far more extreme, in fact, than his moderate southeast Wisconsin district's residents... and over the last few year, as Ryan has made a play for national prominence, he has tacked even further right, off the cliff in fact, and into territory inhabited by raving fanatics like Michele Bachmann and Louie Gohmert. There is a difference though.Extremists like Bachmann and Gohmert represent extreme right wing districts where McCain did far better than Obama in 2008 and where what Rush Limbaugh says, goes. WI-01, centered around Kenosha, Janesville and Racine, isn't like that... not at all. Although the district is overwhelmingly white-- blacks and Hispanics make up about 10% of the population combined-- it isn't some kind of Klan bastion. Yet Ryan regularly votes with the extremists on the most critical issues before Congress-- like shutting down the government. He's became one of the leaders in the House of the die-hard obstructionists, even though voters in WI-01, who gave Bush 54% of their vote in 2004, signaled that they were ready for the change that Obama was promising. Obama won the district 185,855 (51%) to 176,152 (48%). And in 2014 they're ready for a new congressman, Rob Zerban.

Ryan, a devoted and mindless Ayn Rand acolyte and an ex-aide to bloated GOP hypocrite Bill Bennett, fancies himself a Club For Growth kind of Republican like many on the lunatic fringe right do. For him Bush's tax cuts for the rich were too small and in Ryan's pinched, Hobbesian little universe, the biggest problems facing Americans are that capital gains taxes on re-invested distributions aren't deferred and that prices on imported bows and arrows are too low. Between 1970 and 1994 WI-01 was a Democratic district, to be more precise, the formidable Les Aspin's district (who left the seat to become Secretary of Defense). It's time to reclaim southeast Wisconsin for the adults in the room.

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Last cycle we put some billboards like this up around the district. Can you help by contributing whatever you feel comfortable giving so we can do something like that again this year?

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